August 1, 2014

Art of Leadership

The way we do business doesn’t really work anymore.

Traditional forms of leadership and hierarchical structures are no longer the answer and whilst most leaders recognise the current challenges many are uncertain how to truly respond. In an uncertain world of increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity there is a need to cut through to fast paced and reliable sources of decision-making.

The new way calls for empowering styles of leadership; leaders who are non-authoritarian in nature, open-minded, curious, emotionally and intuitive visionaries with high levels of authenticity, sincerity, inspiration and clear intentions. Yet too many leaders today are afraid to change for fear that the structure on which the organisation is built will fall and yet the world continues to change and accelerate regardless.

Transformational Leadership to us is…

  • Success based on an inner not an outer experience
  • Based on contribution not compensation
  • Far from complete and limited it’s about being totally unlimited!
  • Not about holding on but all in the letting go
  • Far removed from a life that is haphazard and random and is imbued with meaning and purpose
  • Moving from competition to cooperation, from scarcity to abundance for all
  • Away from reciprocity and embracing collaboration
  • A switch from fear-based environments to loving and sharing the power rather than controlling others


Our Approach

We focus on the whole system because all aspects of an organisation are interconnected. Performance in any business is influenced by culture, culture is affected by values and behaviours, and behaviours are influenced by motivations.Transformation only occurs when a cultural change process has an impact on the whole system.

Culture is the way things get done in a company and can be defined as a set of rules and symbols informed by the beliefs and values of its people.

If you take the house as a metaphor; its foundations sustains the life of what is above the ground. The foundations are invisible, and the bricks and mortar, which depend on the health of the foundations, are visible. What sustains and keeps humans healthy are their values and beliefs—the invisible. What is visible are their actions and behaviours.

Whole system change begins when a leader and their team commit to focusing on their own personal transformation. It involves questioning those own unconscious assumptions, norms and conditioned ways of being. We address the patterns, and ways of working that conspire to crucify change. We inspire to embed new ways of being to cope with increased uncertainty and ambiguity. It’s all about a moving away from a compliance mindset and empire-building to embrace an alliance mindset that fosters collaboration, co-creation and interdependence.

We work with the secondary position, the unconscious feelings that determine behaviour and action to build greater self- awareness, understanding,emotional regulation and control. How people perform is inextricably linked to how they feel; the most overlooked concept in the majority of companies today. Positive emotions build coherence leading to increased energy, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, self-belief, empathy and well-being and they are the crucial difference to long term sustainable engagement, profit and organisational health.

So will you dare to take the bold step to learn about this more conscious view of the world in your workplace?

What’s your Personal Impact and Intention?

Business can be playful, fun, purposeful, creative, socially responsible and interdependent when you have the keys to transform your reality.
Leaders can be authentic and true to their values as well as their value. We invite you to discover the art of being, unlearning and remembering how to thrive and create from the inside out.

Kath and Kate explained very conceptual topics in a way that gave form and offered some excellent real world examples which I found value in.