July 18, 2016

Our Team

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Kath Roberts

Meet Kath who transforms people from the inside out.

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Kate Griffiths

Meet Kate, the new business paradigm midwife.

Our career journeys started independently in completely different sectors but our experiences were not dissimilar. Both coming from corporate backgrounds where we carved successful careers, we each progressed up the ranks to find the view somewhat disappointing, inflexible, constraining and lacking real vision.

Never keen on throwing in the towel we worked our respective butts off on trying to make a difference.
We both chose to follow an alternative route and have now built our own individual brands aimed at supporting others develop authentically.
We now come together to offer all those years of experience and bring bucket loads of inspiration, passion and desire along with the wisdom to know how to be the difference.

Our focus is on supporting leaders who want to integrate their work with their lives and lead more consciously from within their present framework.
So if you’re yearning to be yourself and breakthrough then ping us an email go on just do it and set your spirit free!

Kath and Kate

I have never had an experience like this before in my life but I am now hoping I have plenty more.