July 28, 2016

Colourful Boardrooms

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Business today is arguably the most dominant institution in the world yet businesses and their stakeholders do not operate in a vacuum, they are inextricably linked and impact the wider society and planet. A number of dynamic powerful forces of change are occurring right now, birthing a new paradigm of living and working. These multiple challenges highlight ill-prepared dysfunctional cultures characterised by “control and command” masculine principles specifically set up to serve a post industrial age model. We need to call time on these mechanical outdated leadership practises and turn those models upside down and thinking inside out. We advocate a more balanced perspective on leadership that equally appreciates and reinforces feminine principles and integrates a more holistic systemic framework for individual and collective transformation.

Yet businesses don’t transform, people do

That starts when we as leaders stop tinkering on the outside and start to do the inner work where we become more conscious about who we really are and what we truly value beyond profit. More of us are waking up to a different way to be with ourselves and others and choosing to define work on our own terms without being at the mercy of the organisation. The work/life balance debate has shifted to work/life integration blurring the boundaries between work and home. Many more leaders experience burnout and feel inauthentic, disconnected and frustrated in their attempts to impact the system in which they operate. This book, utilising colour as the primary medium will give you the keys to;

  • Understand how to integrate all aspects of who you are
  • Unlearn conditioned patterns and remember by questioning unconscious beliefs, assumptions and behaviours
  • Show you what true authentic power is and where it resides
  • Reveal the conflicting needs of your organisational system
  • Support you to affect that system by transforming your own thoughts, emotions and actions and in doing so impact those around you
  • Sense the world of tomorrow and bring it into today

I have always believed that happiness and wellbeing are the cornerstones to success in education and in this book Kate and Kath examine why that might be the case. Where individuals are able and encouraged to do what they love and give of their best in an atmosphere free of fear, organisations and society flourish – Sir Anthony Seldon

Leaders of the future need to listen with their whole hearts not just their heads, Leadership today is as much about transparency and vulnerability as it is about capability and competence. This book is packed full of wisdom. The quote ‘do or do not; there is no try’ comes to mind – Linda Christmas, Group HR Director at Chiltern International

Operating at the exec level in business takes more than just managing the numbers; the leaders of the future are those that act on their intuition to create emotional intuitive workplaces. This book give leaders keys to find space to reflect – Simon Meyer, CEO & Founder of FutureYou Executive Recruitment