July 28, 2016

Colourful Conflict

9/10 conversations miss the mark and individuals end up walking away feeling frustrated, unheard or misunderstood. The assumptions we make, the words that we choose and the stance we take influences every conversation we have in life.

Would you like to elevate your level of trust as a leader by improving your connection with others as well as developing your intuitive skills to better navigate the future?

Maximising your own and the organisations potential requires a great culture of engagement and innovation, connected relationships that foster and model collaboration and quality dialogue.

On this one day programme we will introduce you to the 3 levels of conversational intelligence and how to move from “direct and tell” to “share and discover” as well as the leading edge neuro-science behind deep connection.

You will learn…

  • How co-creating conversations change our mindset and our neural chemistry
  • How to create a mindset built for trust that enables positive relationships from the moment you meet
  • How our gut instincts impact our conversations and what to do about it
  • How being addicted to being right impacts your point of view and breeds distrust and how to overcome that impact
  • How oxytocin helps overcome uncertainty and energises action
  • And how to put these insights to use with plenty of practical coaching questions