July 28, 2016

KK Systems™

Would you like to increase creativity, collaboration and inspiration within your business?

Utilising our KK Systems™, (shortcode for kinesthetic keys) we facilitate leadership transformation and cultural shifts through the use of colour. Our premise is based on the functioning of the right brain – how people feel affects how they perform.

Colours, like the human body, have an energetic vibration; after working with colour, your vibration is higher and you usually feel lighter. Colour is a tool for shifting stagnant or negative energy. Leaders are often unconsciously drawn to colour without necessarily recognising that they are looking for a shift in their outer or inner reality. Our colour system is able to make sense and give meaning to what is happening at an individual and collective level as we connect people to their emotions.Working with colour is insightful, creative, energising and inspiring.

Curiosity is a key component of leadership and colour helps to expand unconscious patterns of behaviour and emotions that sabotage individual and collective performance.

You took me out of my comfort zone to learn about myself, my colleagues, my friends, my business partners and our future, thank you is not enough! </b.