August 1, 2014

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Would you like to increase the performance, retention and engagement of your people?


If so then its time to challenge the unconscious norms, day to day assumptions and modes of behaviour of your organisational system.

We all deserve to feel more alive and fulfilled in our work and a thriving organisation puts people at the heart of all they do.They see their people as equal as their customers.

As leaders, it’s not just about the words though… it’s the actions, the congruence of how you do what you do  every day and why you do it that matters.

We’re practical as well as inspirational but we don’t do grey suits, nor will we tell you what you want to hear because you’re paying us. You’ll get the truth and nothing but.

We can create bespoke programmes to help bring your vision and values to life and develop a  transformational culture that gets everyone on the same page without sacrificing their unique innate talents and gifts.

  1. Our approach brings together heart and head to create whole brain thinking
  2. Our ethos is based on the importance emotions play in the workplace
  3. Being and knowing first and doing second
  4. A mixture of off-site and ongoing immersion that embeds and fully integrates the new way of leadership and business
  5. Moving from simply working  with tension to working with intention!

It’s about less is more in every sense because we believe if you employ talented people they need to be empowered and set free, to thrive in all regards so they can deliver soulful work.

So why not consult with us about what you’re trying to build or create and we’ll  take a check of the organisation health of your business, design a wisdom map and fully support you in its execution. We’ll introduce you to a suite of tools all designed to deliver extraordinary results and transcend the ordinary.

I feel the overall objectives were far exceeded. It was a very positive experience and I’ve grown as a person over the past two days. </b.