August 1, 2014

Support Me

Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Programmes

We offer a structured coaching and mentoring service. This is essential to ensure a step change and measurable results. Whilst we are willing to consider working with any executives, when invited to implement an organisational intervention, our experience has shown that results are only sustainable when we work at the Board level initially.  We are very happy to provide you with named contacts whom you can approach for a more detailed reference about the experience of working with our system.

As systems workers, our focus is on the whole leadership system so increasingly we are called in to either shape the organisational culture or provide support during the transition which occurs when organisations merge so organisational systems have tools to deal with the increased sense of instability and the uncertainty that comes from change. In addition we design bespoke leadership programmes for senior teams that can and have included succession planning. For Boards we recommend team coaching to deal most effectively with the group dynamic and to facilitate the process towards high performance. See colourful teams for more detail about this.

Colourful Profiling

Most profiling tools are based on three to four colours but ours goes far deeper. It incorporates 13 colours because we recognise the complexity and uniqueness of human nature. In addition this will give you a deeper insight into your purpose.

So if you want to understand your full leadership potential and/ or your team, get in touch with us.

I have felt much closer to my colleagues as a result of the last two days and more connected and I feel safe to completely open up. </b.