September 6, 2016



Linda Christmas – Chief HR Officer

Kath and Kate from Art of Leadership have been instrumental in initiating a move in our company culture from ‘command and control’ to ‘trust and empower’. Although a long standing company, we had not significantly invested or focused in this area historically and as such, there was a large leap of faith involved from our senior management team to consider utilising not only an external team, but also to inwardly reflect on how we shape the culture of our business – and how we can influence the culture we wish to engender at all levels. Kath & Kate have achieved this with enormous effect. Not only are they a joy to work with on a personal level, they are always ready with handy tips and advice whenever needed in the background as well as achieving amazing results in team situations. I would highly recommend their down to earth, intuitive and challenging style to any organisation wishing to implement a change.


Richard Wynn – Managing Partner

Without question; one of the most inspiring and refreshing development I have had in over 15 years. Not concentrating on “how to do my job” but more-so how I can develop myself as a business leader and also as a human being; concentrating on how I personally impact on the things around me, in both my work and personal life, and how I react when those things impact on me.


Sharon Lewis – Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

Kath and Kate live and breathe their business values and have really helped me become a conscious leader – both personally and professionally. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which is backed by years of experience and easy-to-understand methodologies. They’re genuinely some of the best coaches and training courses I have ever experienced. Needless to say, they come very highly recommended.


Roy Duffy – Management Consultant/Transformational Coach/Breakthrough Strategist

Spend time with Kath and Kate if you really want to grow! Their approach to Leadership and Personal Development takes in every aspect of what makes us tick, and then directs us towards a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Tapping in to what motivates us – through the use of Motivational Maps – enables them to add another dimension to our understanding of what we value most and thus they encourage us to channel our energy towards the most propitious outcomes. Grounded, balanced, holistic, direct, insightful and visionary – they are a formidable and delightful team.


Elaine Stephens – Executive Director Learning & Development

We have been working with Kath and Kate from Art of Leadership for over 12 months to deliver leadership development and coaching services to help us transform our culture to a more empowering style of leadership. They are an absolute delight to work with, professional and passionate about transforming people and completely genuine in their approach. In short, they walk the talk in how they are being as leaders themselves! Both ladies bring an element of fun and joy to their work which is contagious and makes for an enjoyable and collaborative working relationship. As a result of their work, our teams have built deeper connections with each other, gained significant insights into their own personal development and areas of strength which has resulted in positive change in how we are all being as leaders of the business.


Roger Hunter – EVP Strategic Affairs & Scientific Development

Many thanks for your direction, support and inspiration through this process. I’ve tried very hard to put our discussions into practice and found both the theory and practical advice and tips extremely helpful to both me and my team especially during a hectic time like we are experiencing right now. The timing could not have been better! I will endeavour to continue to model the behaviours and strive to improve on an ongoing basis. It is but the beginning of a journey that has given me a stronger sense of myself and how I influence others.


Simon Meyer- CEO

Art of Leadership has been a part of the Future You story since before the beginning.It’s the only way to truly embed a fresh take on people strategy, organisational development and executive coaching. Kath and Kate have played an instrumental role in the design, development, implementation and execution of key learning programs that are taking us into clear head space versus sector competitors. Longer term, they provide a sustained advantage for Future You but quite frankly what they do goes far beyond that in terms of unlocking and enabling great people to be amazing. They work and give from the heart and it shows in everything they do. This approach has formed a key part of our employment value proposition and longer term the proposition for all of our key people. We are privileged to work with Art Of Leadership and love having them as part of the Future You family.

One of the most challenging and confronting experiences yet the best programme I have done to date and I didn’t want it to finish.